Kickstarter is Rocking the Music Industry, 18 shocking statistics

Kickstarter is Rocking the Music Industry.



Kickstarter is Rocking the Music Industry.

Kickstarter Music Industry Infographic
by Kick start your journey

Since the inception of Kickstarter, in the Music Category alone boasts:

  1.  24,811 Projects Launched
  2. $90.46 Million dollars have been pledged
  3. $81.32 Million  dollars where pledged to successful projects
  4. $7.45 Million dollars where pledged to unsuccessful projects

Those projects have raised varied levels of funding:

  1. 13,252 total funded projects
  2. 1,320 raised less than $1,000
  3. 9,904 raised between $1,000 and $10,000
  4. 1,516 raised between $10,000 and $20,000
  5. 546 raised between $20,000 and $100,000
  6. 24 raised between $100,000 and $1,000,000
  7. 1 Project raised over $1,000,000

Funding on Kickstarter is all or nothing, Unsuccessful projects:

  1. 2,470 raised 0% of their goal
  2. 6,231 raised 1-20% of their goal
  3. 1,463 raised 21-40% of their goal
  4. 512 raised 41-60% of their goal
  5. 154 raised 61-80% of their goal
  6. 2,470 raised 81-99% of their goal

Just as many music project came close to funding (81-99%) as did projects without a single backer. What does that tell you?


I hope this sky-high view of Kickstarter’s music category inspires you to get you own project of the ground,

To your Kickstarter Success,

Karl Steinmeyer


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