23 Significant Kickstarter Facts, Figures and Statistics – Plus 7 Infographics

Crowdfunding is on the rise, and Kickstarter is leading the pack. Not only is the trend increasing but, it I’ve noticed that the word “Kickstart” has replaced some of the actual terms used when referring to other areas of crowdfunding.

I’m guilty of this myself.

You know you should Kickstart that thing,” or “Why don’t you run a Kickstarter test on it?”

It may be a while off before any verbs change in the Websters Dictionary, but for now let take a look at the facts and a few Kickstarter tips that you need to know.

The Importance of Statistics

Statistics are used to make important decisions. Facts and figures are often required to justify different marketing strategies to multiple departments within an organization, or directly to the CEO.  Sometimes those numbers can get quite distracting, sometimes even a little addicting.

Here are the latest facts, figures and statistics for Kickstarter that marketers and publishers need to take notice of.

An infographic is also included.

Kickstarter Facts:

  • over 5 million daily visitors
  • 3700 ongoing projects funded
  • $18 Million of funding
  • Multiple projects cross the $1 million threshold
  • Film and Video, Games, Music, and Technology are the largest Categories



kickstarter the king of crowdfunding infographic, 20 kickstarter facts and figures

Source : Visual.ly


The Science of Crowdfunding with Kickstarter

Running a campaign to completion with a successful finish is a science and an art. It’s both. Knowing the process of pre-launch, launch, and execute is the science bit. Actually doing it is the art bit. (Knowing how to eat right and exercise daily vs. Actually eating right and exercising everyday)

How it works:

  1. Artist with an Idea
  2. Which category?
  3. Raise money for your project
  4. Set rewards
  5. Showcase your Project
  6. Enter the Community
  7. Update your investors
  8. Receive the Funds
  9. Celebrate!


What Kickstarter has Kickstarted

Kickstarter has made millions of dollars from millions of individuals across the global accessible to everyday people like you and me.

This has created massive changes and shifts in the way companies are started, funded, and scaled. The ripples from this are yet to reach as far as they can go, and this is exciting to watch and take part in. Stating that we live now in one of the most exciting times in the last 100 years is simply a massive understatement.

More Kickstarter Facts:

  • Last year Kickstarter surpassed the Natioinal Endowment for the Arts in funds distributed to artists
  • What’s popular and whats profitable are intertwined
  • Activity throughout the country outside of major US cities continues to grow
  • Scammers are uncovered and banned
What Kickstarter has Kickstarted

Source: Power Retail


Kickstarter Info Kit:

Where did it come from, and why is it here?

“It’s about creative independence, and the notion that something can exist because people want it to.” – Yancy Strichler, Co-founder

Kickstarter was born out of the need and the desire for people to help each other fullfil their passions and dreams. Without funding, most projects never see completion, or worse yet, never even see the light of day. Here some some of the facts about Kickstarter:

  • Brooklyn Startup 2009
  • Based in Manhattan’s Lower East Side
  • Categories include: Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film and Video, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology and Theater.
  • 36 subcategories
  • Tips and Guidelines


kickstarter-info-kit_visua dot ly


Getting Funded Online is not restricted to Kickstarter:

Although Kickstarter has some impressive numbers that are easy to shine a spotlight on, it is not the only route to getting the funding that you need online.




Why Students should take over Kickstarter:

Students perhaps may be in a great spot to be testing out new business ideas and projects. In fact, some specific crowdfunding platforms have been appearing to help with this need. Here are just a few:



Kickstarter is Rocking the Music Industry:

Kickstarter has also taken it’s toll on the music industry, in a good way. Not all disruptions to an industry need to close more doors than they open, and the fact that Kickstarter is leading the pack in the music industry is inspiring for all those artists out there with contributions of their own to the scene.



To your Kickstarter Success,

Karl Steinmeyer


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