101 Awesome crowdfunding reward ideas

Below is a big list of 101 awesome crowdfunding reward ideas dreamed up by yours truly. Some are practical and some are a little cheeky. Others are just down right sexy and creative. You are the creative type? You have creative fundraising ideas like crowdfunding. If you are researching how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, I bet you are.   :)

101 Awesome crowdfunding post


101 awesome crowd funding reward ideas


  1. Virtual Hug! and a kiss, (if you are into that sort of thing)

  2. Fist Pump, high five, and secret handshake

  3. An excuse to dance like a crazy person

  4. Signed sketch or original project mockup

  5. A happy dance video, of me,  just for you.

  6. Backer only content or copies

  7. A toast to you, on camera for the world to see

  8. Behind the scenes footage of the creation

  9. Facebook group limited-access

  10. Kickstarter Green colors on your thing

  11. Early access to specific features

  12. Props from the movie or project

  13. Unlimited updates, the behind the scenes action.

  14. Branded Shirts, hats, and cups. The good shwag.

  15. Desktop or Facebook wallpaper

  16. VIP forum badge

  17. Bloopers reel of product video

  18. Big Posters- HUGE ONES!

  19. Branded fishing lures. (hey, why not?)

  20. Digital Copies

  21. Copy of documentary of the project

  22. Corkscrews and wine glasses. (ok, just for me then)

  23. Accessories that match your project (Green?)

  24. Listing on founders thank you page with how awesome you are :)

  25. The Full Swag Pack

  26. Good Karma (you can keep track)

  27. Famous Celeb Tweet, cause after this, I am Famous.

  28. Early access to cool stuff, lots of cool stuff in the community.

  29. Vote on direction of the company

  30. Signed copy of swag or product

  31. Signed photo with thank you plaque

  32. Backers meetup

  33. Open up a secret stretch goal

  34. Special colors unlocked

  35. Your name in the credits, with a link to your site/profile

  36. Creator will play a joke on you, when you least expect it

  37. Custom gift set of your project

  38. Gift grab bag!

  39. Unlock hidden Level 1.5

  40. Give a friend a copy

  41. Early birders get a little discount.

  42. Golf outing scramble with the team

  43. Celeb outfit, or my dirty socks from launch day

  44. Access to live event

  45. Online event-access

  46. Your name engraved on the thing, (or my name)

  47. One-on-one time with creator, skype, call or in person

  48. Rent space in the creators office

  49. Party! At your house or mine.

  50. Launch party concert!

  51. A pair of my shoes.

  52. You get to name something in the project

  53. Open Bar private VIP party

  54. 1 plus 1 more to give to a friend

  55. A year membership to a related program  (Dynamite Circle anyone?)

  56. 2 more items from second production run

  57. Trip to company headquarters and tour of city

  58. Dinner with the founding team

  59. A day in the life of me, shadow style.

  60. Tattoo of your initials on my arm :)

  61. A song you write, recorded by me

  62. You are the guest performer on stage at live event

  63. All backers get a special add-on

  64. Level 1 backers get bumped up a notch

  65. License of the project

  66. All rights to pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing for someone else

  67. Stretch goal to include a creative commons license

  68. Kickstarter HERO package (first 10 backers only)

  69. Kickstarter SAVIOR package (last 10 backers only)

  70. Party bus or night out with the creators

  71. Permanent feature on the company homepage

  72. Be an extra in a movie

  73. A year of Tim Ferriss’s Quarterly Curated Stuff.

  74. Unlock hidden level 3.5

  75. Only72.com products.

  76. A gift from Mancrates.com

  77. I’ll grow a handlebar mustache just for you.

  78. I’ll grow a Yeard, (One-year Beard) just for you.

  79. One year subscription to The Fizzle Community.

  1. Game/Movie soundtrack

  2. Double-pack, for gifting your loved-ones.

  3. Cartoon HUGE-head sketch of me and the team, Carnival fair style

  4. Signed copy of the project by the whole team, AND our families.

  5. You can stay the night at my house, or beach house. I’m cookin’

  6. A big hug, you know, at the party we’re having for you

  7. My Book, plus this other guys crappy book.

  8. A nice coffee mug with my face on it. ;)

  9. A champagne glass set, engraved for you.

  10. An early release kit of the project, for your own DIY.

  11. A branded Margarita machine, with all the fixings.

  12. An interview at our new start-up, serious inquiries only.

  13. A spot on the team of editors for the project.

  14. Meeting with the company board, 10-min pitch.

  15. Coffee with the creator, brain-picking session.

  16. Half-marathon fundraiser, for the supporters. You.

  17. 25% Off of version 2.0

  18. A sword handle umbrella, branded with our company logo.

  19. A ride on the back of my motorcycle :)

  20. Tree planted in your name.

  21. A full wall mural sticker of “I am a campaign supporter” in branded colors

  22. Christmas party with the staff and families you and your families.

 Well I hope you get some inspiration from these ideas. The crowd funding space is getting crowded with mediocre projects, and bigger companies finding their own creative ways of utilizing this fun new channel.

Set yourself apart from the mediocre projects.

Creative fundraising ideas and rewards are developed by testing and iterating with what your audience connects with. Increase your engagement, and increase your chances of success.

Creativity and strategic crowdfunding rewards

Creativity and strategic reward creation will set your project apart and help spread your dream to those who you want to connect it with.

To your crowdfunding success!

Karl Steinmeyer

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